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How to buy beats online.

Jun 022017

As we all know anything can be done online when it comes to marketing and selling your music. For today's aspiring artist it's never been easier. With several resources like social media its easy for an artist to reach out to his or her fans. Artist can also find services like graphic design for cover art and web design. And for putting together an album or mix tape they can even find producers and buy beats online.

The process for buying beats used to be more complex for artist. The days of having to book studio time with a producer just to preview his or hers beats have changed. With today's methods you can find beats online, preview and purchase what you like. Here is a guide on how to buy beats online.


  1. Finding beats: There are a lot of ways you can go about finding beats. But the key is to find beats you like. For instance if you have a particular style that you're going for Youtube is the best place to start. Producer's reference their beats to commercial acts that may potentially fit the sound you're looking for. Most producers online will use the following sites services as a platform for artist to buy their beats:



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 You'll find the average price range will be from $20-$100 roughly. The more you pay for a lease the more freedom you will have with their beats. This also goes for quality as well. Higher priced leases will often offer different file formats like WAV and some may even offer track-outs/stem files. Obtaining the stem files will depend on the producer as most producers will only offer you the track-outs when a beat is purchased for exclusive rights. 




3.Terms and conditions: This is very important especially if you plan on using their beats on your projects. Then you'll need to make sure that your intentions are within the guidelines. These limitations prevent artist from misusing beats. In case an artist wants to obtain exclusive rights to a beat for their album. They won't have to worry about hearing the same beat they just bought used on someone else's album. 



 4. Write before you buy: Now that you found a beat that you like before committing to a purchase. Make sure inspires you to write, just because it's a dope beat doesn’t mean it fits you as an artist. Finding the right chemistry between you and the beat is everything when it comes to making music. You don't wanna purchase a beat and it just sits on your hard drive for months collecting digital dust. Ok that last one was a joke but chemistry is everything and you'll want your fans to feel the same way when they hear your songs.




5.How to purchase: Navigating a beat store for the first time can seem overwhelming at first but gets easier once you realize what everything is.

Most players will have instructions on the left or right side of the player your using.

Click the add icon and select the license you want to buy

  1. Select the BUY button on the upper right hand corner
  2. After payment, you will receive your music download link automatically via email. (Please check your spam folder)  


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