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How to excite vocals for hip hop music

Nov 142017


     In my last post I wrote about the top ten effects recording artist need to know. And one of those effects mentioned where exciter. This effect is used to add presence to vocals or an entire mix. There are a variety of saturation types (presets)that will allow you to affect specific frequency areas of your vocals or overall mix. Some of the most common saturation settings will usually refer to frequencies by their characteristics. For example you're looking to excite the mid range frequencies you'd see settings like “warmth” or tube. Depending on the plug-ins or you're using of course but the reference and terminology behind the idea remains the same.

The plug-in used for this how to article is the Waves Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter Plugin. This plug-in emulates the original mid 1970's Aphex model 402 Aural Exciter.

Control features: As you'll notice on the lower left side of this plug-in, you'll see two knobs marked as Mode and meter. The first option will be in bold letters “BP” stands for bypass mode. This feature is modeled after the original hardware unit allowing you to get subtle coloring on the signal path. “Mix1” allows you to place the exciter on an insert in case you want to affect a signal sound source (ex. Instrument, drum snare ect.). “Mix2 is slightly different as it allows you to add a not so subtle effect to your sound you'll also notice this for the aux mode as well. The ax mix knob will be movable only when mix1 and mix2 are selected. Ax mode will be best used on a send return track to an auxiliary track that your sending audio to.

How to apply the exciter to your vocals

Step 1- Select and apply the Aural Exciter plug-in to your vocal insert shown in the illustration below:



Step 2- Adjust the settings of the plug-in by selecting mix 1 with the knob located on the lower left (Mode). Choosing “AX” for the meter located just above the meter option. As seen in the illustration below:



Step 3-You'll also need to adjust the input knob as well as the Ax mix. Move the input knob to a level you're comfortable with. Usually going a little past 6 is the sweet spot but that may vary for upon users. keeping the Ax mix knob anywhere between 5 and 8. But this may differ from the vocals you're using it on. As seen in the illustration below: 


You'll now notice the vocals will have a certain brightness to them that compliments your mix.However if you're hearing any harshness at all in the signal you can tame it with eg.



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