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Top 10 Mixtape Mistakes to Avoid

Aug 042017


        All the hard work you've been putting in for your mix-tape from the recording and mixing will be for nothing if you fail to plan. Don't let your best efforts go to to waste from poor planning. This article can be used as a guide for aspiring artist based mix-tapes.

  1. Commercial beats- In this day an age of the internet there's no excuse for an artist not to use original beats. If your in need of beats you'll find hundreds of thousands produces online who are selling beats for exclusive and non exclusive purchase.

  2. Using tagged beats- Having a producer tag that can be heard playing throughout your songs is a bad move. It not only shows that you didn't pay for the beat you’ve recorded over but a blatant disregard for your craft.
  3. Poorly Recorded songs- Just because its a mix-tape doesn’t mean you should skim on quality. Take the time to learn new recording techniques that can help improve your sound quality. If you hear something that needs to be fixed or improved do it.
  4. Recycling Songs - Take the extra time to record new material. Putting songs from a previous project because you felt they didn't get enough exposure.
  5. No Budget – You can't put out a project without a budget. The producers who's beats you've used need to be paid as well as the engineer who will mix your songs , the graphic designer who will be doing your art work and last but not least the Dj who will host your mix-tape.
  6. No Dj- Technically it’s not a mix-tape unless a DJ is hosting it. Without a DJ its simply an album and not a mix-tape.
  7. No Promotion- All the time and energy you've spent recording your work shouldn’t go unnoticed. Paid promotion is something to consider investing in as it can boost your reach and increase the possibility of being discovered by new fans.
  8. Poor presentation- The art work representing your mix-tape is crucial to the extant of a potential fan considers to listen to it. There are many graphic designers online that create quality designs.
  9. Too Many Songs- The average listener has a short attention span and will nit sit through a lengthy mix-tape. As an artist you have about 5-6 songs to make an impression on your listener before they start to lose interest. Keeping the number of songs down 10 if its your first mix tape keeps the listener wanting to hear more especially if its your first tape.15 songs is usually the standard across the board.
  10. Too many features- If its your first tape you may wanna avoid having too many guest artist and give the listeners a chance to hear you as a solo artist. Now I’m not saying you should avoid having other artist on you mix-tape but more conscious of how your tape represents you as an artist.