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Jun 032017


   A few days ago an artist sent me a link to songs that he’d posted on his You Tube channel. In hopes of collaborating on a few songs with me. Now his songs were good and he has some real potential. However there were a few things setting him back. One of them being the quality of the recordings. His vocals sounded like they were competing with the volume level of the instrumentals he had chosen. While his songs were original the beat selections weren't. Most of the instrumentals he had chosen for his songs were already commercially released. This tends to be an issue amongst artist's who may just be starting out.

Even if the song you've recorded over the instrumental to sounds good. It will always be held to the standard of the original song. As most listeners will already have developed an attachment to the original. And the element of surprise will be lost. As listeners will already know what to expect. As your delivery and cadence may even resemble the original. The possibility of listeners returning to hear your music will decline. Using original instrumentals can help contribute to more than just better sounding recordings. It will also help with establishing a brand as an artist. Having all original material goes hand in hand when establishing an identity as an artist. Listeners want to be able to feel like they've discovered something new.


Finding an original beat in the same key as the commercially released instrumental you intended to use.Would be an alternative that will be beneficial for you as an artist. Choosing original beats is what helps with establishing a sound for your brand. One of the best places to start your search would be You Tube. Simply by typing in the artist's name followed by the words “type beat”. Will bring you to various if not similar styles of beats you're looking for. You'll even find producers who create that sound you’re looking for very well. A few great places you can also search are sites like Sondclick, Beatstars, Myflash and Soundgine. Now if you you're looking to grab a few free beats to test the waters. These sites are definitely a great places to start your search. Each of these sites have a top producer chart and that will give you a good idea on who's bringing their “A” game. A lot of producers at these site's are serious about their craft and will have links to their own beat selling websites as well. Where you'll be able to join their mailing lists and receive updates when new beats are posted. As well as beat deals and special offers.

Having access to an original beat means that you'll be able to have more control over the quality of your song. And for any reason needing changes to the instrumental. For example lets say you needed the kick and snare to be silent during certain parts of your verse. Having direct contact with the producer whom you've leased the beat from. Will come in handy in the future especially if you ever decide to purchase exclusive rights to the beat. This will also be in your benefit during the mixing and mastering stages. As Most producers online will offer mixing and mastering services to artist who purchase their beats. Using original beats for your songs can go a long way.