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Finding a Daw That Fits You Creatively

Oct 022017


  As producers we often find ourselves out growing the day one DAWs we use to create music. This happens for many reasons either our direction and approach has changed. Or we simply want a new sound that reflects where we are creatively in our lives. While some may simply want change creatively. Replacing everything from their DAWs to studio equipment that have been in use for years inside their studio setups.When it comes to audio production change can either make or break your workflow. Sometimes we may find a better solution to our previous set ups that increase our productivity and overall experience creating music.

In my expireence the best times to expirement using a different digital audio workstation would be when having beat block. Yes like writers block producer also go through beat block from time to time and it is rough and can last for a while depending on the producer. Exploring other options can somethimes help getting out of the creative block. Now this isn't the only way to deal with producers block just a means of evaluating the current state your workflow and creative process. As every DAW has its own approach to getting the job done. Sometimes different layouts can present new creative possibilities that weren't noticeble or present in our previous DAWs.

When I started making beats the first program that I started out with was Sonar at the time it was a solid program and it still is.But creatively it wasn't a good fit for me. I later choose to use FL studio which is another great DAW in its own right respectively. However it wasn't quite enough for me creativly at the time. I needed something the that had some what of an unorthodox feel and approach. I moved on to another digital audio work station that did. One day a friend of mine was messing around in Propellerheads Reason and showed me some of its features capabilities for beat making. At that time it had its limitations but creatively it was good fit for me.Because of its limitations I often found my self going back and forth between Reason and FL studio at the. I even explored the possibilites with a few other DAWs like Reaper,Studio one and Abelton live. All of which are great programs each with their own unique way of creating music But in the end I always up using Reason as my go to DAW.


How to improve the audio quality of your mp3 recordings.

Jul 182017

For artist who are unable to opt out for Wav leases as they can be pricey. When you're putting together a project and you're a few beats away from going over your budget. Here's a method that can help you save some money and preserve audio quality with your songs at the same time. For This method you will need to create a Wav file by recording from a mp3 file. While using a DAW of your choice but for this illustration I’ll be using Presonus studio one 3. This is a similar technique producers use to create beats from old and new recordings called sampling. But in this case the beat is already made, mixed, mastered and you'll just need to create a wav file from its recording.

  1. Load up your DAW: While methods may vary upon program the principle remains the same and can be applied to any DAW.undefined
  2. Import the mp3 file:  Set the project tempo to file you're going to use.Locate the mp3 in your file browser then drag and drop into the sequencer.undefined
  3. Create a “bus”: After you have imported the mp3 file, right click on the audio channel and select create bus. undefined
  4. Route audio to a send: Click send so that the audio can sent to another channel and make sure the “bus” is selected.undefined
  5. Create a new track. This new track is where you''ll be recording the audio to. undefinedundefined
  6. Choose “bus”: Now to receive the audio signal on the new track make sure bus is selected as the input source. undefined  
  7. Adjust the input levels: At this point you should hear audio coming from the mp3 channel as well as the bus track. You'll also notice the sound being too loud.Adjusting the levels from mp3 channel so that it reaches a level you're comfortable with on the VU meter. you'll also want to give yourself some headroom for your vocals. You will need to adjust the volume levels to your liking. Adjusting the bus volume as well if you're unable to reach a desirable level.undefined
  8. Arm the audio track: Once you've adjusted the levels make sure the monitor tab is and deselected and arm the track.undefined
  9. Press record: Now that you have your levels and have armed your track click on record.                    
  10. Review audio: Mute the mp3 and “bus” tracks to review what you've just recorded.
    Once you've finished recording your song you'll now have to Bounce it out to either a Wav 44.1khz 16bit  wav or mp3 file. Depending on how your songs will be distributed online most companies will prefer you to upload in wav format only.